Commercial leadership Workshops

How do you get an entire sales or marketing organisation on the same page? How do you ensure Sales & Marketing collaborate (and speak the same language)?

The CRESCOMED workshops provide an energy boost to your entire team.

You invest a couple of days over 1 or more weeks, and you will receive back a team full of energy, ideas, and most importantly: a team that is properly centred on fundamental Sales and Marketing excellence principles.

Examples of workshops:

The "Essentials of Marketing" workshop is very useful for teams composed of product specialists that need to make the jump to full-fledged marketers. The programme takes 3 to 5 days and runs ideally over more than 1 week. This workshop was already successfully deployed with a leader in the dialysis industry.

The "Commercial Leadership Development" Programme aims to develop take Sales and Marketing Executives in the MedTech industry to the next level of leadership. The programme delivers highly engaging workshops to inspire self-reflection, and develop reconciliation skills, all leading to a change in the trainees’ mindset. This workshop was rolled out globally for a leader in an orphan disease category.

The 6-day workshop delivered in 2 blocks covers, among others, the following topics:
  • True Leadership: Reconciling apparent contradictions
  • Targeted mindfulness
  • Coaching your direct reports
  • Transformational leadership in change situations.
  • Situational and targeted communication to increase impact, instil purpose and enhance motivation.
  • Leading strategic adaptations
  • Embracing commercial innovation
  • Performance management in complex business situations