How to launch a medical device?

We recently finished the latest version of the ASPEN™ Product Launch Process package. Based on 2 decades of experience, the package brings together a macro view on how to launch a medical device successfully. At the heart of the process is the awareness that Market Access is mission critical. But other functions are not forgotten. In a true cross-functional spirit an entire roadmap is developed to ensure full synchronisation between all departments. Validated in a blue chip MedTech company, the process is now applied to other portfolios.

Another successful Leadership Workshop

For the 9th year, CRESCOMED, with the help of its associate Vom Stein Consulting, delivered an effective Commercial Leadership workshop for 11 High Potentials of a large Swiss pharmaceutical company focused on a rare disease. The participants from all over the world spend 3 intense days to expand their toolbox and to sharpen the tools they already used. Apart from good fun, there was a lot of positive energy flowing through the group. They all committed to practice at least one learning over the coming months. Round 2 of the workshop is in October. Looking forward to seeing all the progress these Commercial Leaders have made in the meantime.

You don't launch alone

For Medtronic we developed the New Product Launch Process. This new process was supported by the Market Access team. The purpose was to integrate all relevant stakeholders in a streamlined product launch sequence. We made Market Access a dominant player in this concept, but also less trivial functions like Supply Chain were included early on. The process was explained in a series of trainings for a global audience and was accompanied by an infographic poster for further consultation and promotion. All the critical success factors of a MedTech launch were incorporated and a number of practical check lists were developed.

When your customers turn into Ambassadors

For our Client, Cerus Europe BV, we have developed a Marketing campaign, geared around their current base of loyal customers. In collaboration with a Marketing Communications agency a highly customised series of customer success stories was developed. Based on real interviews and new photography, high quality collaterals were created. The campaign had a noticeable impact on prospects. Nothing beats the word of a peer recommending a product or service. At CRESCOMED we remind our Clients all the time that a routine purchaser is not the end station. Build loyalty further and turn them into ambassadors. They will magnify your share of voice and credibility.